My testimony…

Verse 1

Now gather around children to hear a story that is true.

A story about me but could very well be about you.

It’s a journey of mind body and soul. A fight for control. A kiss by the devil.

But first lift your hands and dance!


Verse 2

When I was a boy of merely 20 years old I brought together people of all colors both young and old.

They would come from miles and miles around. By the thousands they would dance in my underground.

With shouts of joy they would sing. They crowned me their king. I was the lord of everything.

And at the bottom of every  bottle. With every pill they swallowed. And all the candy they followed.

They would lift their hands and dance.

Verse 3

After 20 years flew bye I discovered the fall of most men, their sin, a burden called addiction.

It’s enough to bring a man to his knees saying “Lord save me please!”

Then Pastor Jerry said Uncle Ben I don’t think we’re that far off. Tell me, do you believe that Jesus is the son of God?

I do sir!

Do you believe that he’s the king of kings?

I do sir!

Then boy lift your hands and dance!