Dedicated to my mother who is extremely missed.

(Verse 1)
She was 16 and looking for beer. Wasn’t of age he didn’t care.
She knew then on their first date he was the one to be her soul mate.
Love for the first time. Love of a life time.

(Verse 2)
She was 17 when my Sissy came. Soon they were married. They felt no shame.
Only 19 when she met God & for her family she gave her heart to the Lord.
Oh love of a forgiving kind. Love of a life time.

(Verse 3)
I was a baby & I never knew the struggles they faced. The hell they went through.
Fought so hard for so little gain but they had each other & it erased the pain.
Yeah love of a family kind. Love of a life time.

(Verse 4)
She was 65 when that truck hit their car. Mom went to Jesus & Dad to the E.R.
I hit my knees when the call came. Right then I knew it would never be the same.
Oh love in this time. Love of a life time.

(Verse 5)
Momma I miss you.