Dedicated to Washington DC and it’s out going president. You guys suck! 

(verse 1)

Dear Mr. Jesus can I talk to you? I’m feeling down and tired destroyed it’s true.

When I read the news or I watch TV there’s a politicians face lying through his teeth.

Now I know it ain’t Christian, Lord to tell lies.


(verse 2)

Don’t ask any question that you need answers to. Those lying SOB’s can’t tell the truth.

The I.R.S. and the N.S.A. tools of the devil and the D.O.J. It’s true. They are all watching you.

Now I know it ain’t Christian, Lord to tell lies.


(verse 3)

Dear Mr President I mean you know harm but the words that come out of your mouth have me alarmed.

Is it to much to ask that you give up golf? Huh!

The world’s burning down and sir you’re pissing me off!

Now I know it ain’t Christian Lord to tell lies…

Nope can’t go there ya all. I’m going to pray for that man.

Lord save him and if you can’t save him well…


A word from Uncle Ben

This song was inspired by the fascist progressives in our country. They promised hope and change and a more united U.S. with a  responsible government. They promised to have more transparency and to help the middle class. They lied.

We got:

  1. More division than ever before. Race relations are in jeopardy perpetuated by fictitious class warfare that demonizes white middle class men that work for a living (i.e. ‘White Privilege.’)
  2. The ‘Great Recession’ brought on because of congress forcing law such as ‘The Fair Housing Act’ which changed how banks  loan money for homes allowing for mass corruption & the crash of our economy.
  3. Crony Capitalism and ‘Wall Street’ favoritism. Case in-point ‘Solyndra’, shadow banking, ‘The Clinton Foundation pay to play’, ‘Goldman Sachs’, & on & on…
  4. A max exodus from the U.S. by American corporations like Apple, Ford and Burger King due to extremely high taxes and over regulation which is the cause of American jobs and money going to other countries.
  5. National debt doubled from 9 trillion to 20 trillion dollars in just 8 years. That’s more than all previous administrations in our countries history combined.
  6. 50 million people in poverty. That’s 8 million more since 2012.
  7. 50 million citizens in a country of 310 on food stamps which is more than double than that of the previous administration.
  8. Lowest labor participation rate since the 1970’s.
  9. Lowest home ownership in 50 years.
  10. Job creation low, a stagnant economy, wages in decline and full time jobs reduced to part time due to the ‘Health Care Reform Act.’
  11.  Actual unemployment numbers 14.5% when you factor back in those that no longer qualify because of  unemployment qualification expiration.
  12. African Americans experienced an unemployment rate of 10.2 percent.
  13. Our nations wars mismanaged and out of control.
  14. Public schools, Health Care, & Social Security failing.
  15. Members of the IRS, NSA, FBI, & DOJ, all corrupt and working against your privacy and personal liberty.
  16. The rise of ISIS. A force that could of been stoped but came to power because of the neglect of the administration.
  17. A rising communist China, a nuclear Iran and a nuclear North Korea.
  18. Unprotected borders risking our nations safety and, at the least, the livelihood of millions of Americans that work labor and hospitality jobs.
  19. Christianity under attack at home and abroad. Radical Islam murders our people, decapitating us, burning us alive, torturing us and raping our children.
  20. Our allies no longer trust us, our enemies are now embolden by us and we are mocked by the world.
  21. Worse of all, politicians will look you in the eye and lie over and over again while asking for your vote. Say it with me kids BENGHAZI! How about those e-mails?
  22. An attack on the NRA. Why does the government want to disarm us? Because they know your second amendment rights exists so that you can protect yourself and family from a tyrannical government… i.e. The Boston Massacre.

Where do you stand? They are slowly taking away your right to live free!!!